EIBnetmux C client library Documentation




For latest information please visit http://eibnetmux.sourceforge.net

EIBnetmux is an open source software project for domotic control.

EIBnetmux extends the IP-reach of the KNX bus and adds support for multiple concurrent clients to the standard IP Interface N148/21.

In addition to the standard EIBnet/IP protocol, it features a very simple, TCP/IP socket-based protocol which allows applications to easily retrieve and set data from/on the bus. This empowers developers to focus on their applications and implement these great and long-wished for features without having to implement the rather complex, not very well documented, timing critical, UDP-based EIBnet/IP protocol.

This document is intended as a programmer's reference to the EIBnetmux C API. It has been generated from the source code by Doxygen, a great tool created by Dimitri van Heesch.